Best Lingerie Brands in Pakistan 2021

Best Lingerie Brands in Pakistan 2021

In the past, it was not an easy task to find the top-class lingerie in Pakistan because of the very limited options available here. Women used to buy and wear whatever was available in the local market to fulfill the basic undergarment's needs without even noticing the quality. Where daily wear clothing was so hard to find in Pakistan, you could forget about getting good quality innerwear or shapewear. But now the time has changed, and with the passing time where everything is evolving, we now have a lot of lingerie options here in our very own country, Pakistan.

In today's date, we do not only have physical stores that sell lingerie and other undergarments of all types and designs but we can also go online and find hundreds of websites that deal with Pakistani women, making shopping even easier for them.

Lingerie Shopping in Pakistan

Many ladies in Pakistan do not have that much confidence to go and buy lingerie in person as they hesitate to ask for one, they find themselves even more confused about what they are looking for, and even if they do they end up getting something not suitable for them. This leads many to just get exhausted and they give up on the task altogether. So, we have decided to list down all the best lingerie shops that are available in Pakistan online and even physical stores have them.

Some of the Best Lingerie Brands in Pakistan 2021
  1. IFG

IFG is one of the Pakistani brands that make nightwear and lingerie that are specially designed keeping in mind all the Pakistani women. They are considered as one of the first brands that brought decent quality, fashionable lingerie, and nightwear to the Pakistani markets. IFG is known for making hundreds of different bras in all sizes and styles.

Their collection includes everything like

  • Padded
  • Non-padded
  • Comfortable bras
  • Trendy bras
  • Plus-sized lingerie
  • Training bras for teens

The best thing about IFG is that they have more than a few physical stores all across Pakistan as of course because it is a Pakistani brand. This makes it comfortable for anyone who has not ever bought bras or other lingerie for herself to go and see the collections in person, get professionally fitted, and learn all the ins and outs of bra shopping in person before buying online.

  1. Nike

Nike is not something new for most of us. Nike exists since 1954, nobody thinks of sports without the Nike logo exploding into your head. It is in most of us’ mind that Nike just makes sport’s shoes and gears. But in fact, they make everything that is related to sports, yes, even inner wears.

Nike stores are now available in Pakistan and you can find almost all of their new collection in your nearby Nike stores.

At the Nike store, you can easily find a broad variety of sports bras that are grouped by different sports. It mainly depends upon whether you are going for swimming, running, doing yoga, or going to the gym, you can choose which sports bra works best for you at the Nike store. The best part about Nike is that you can even find a whole corresponding outfit to go with it 

  1. Adidas

Adidas is very comparable to Nike for the products they sell. As we all know it is also a sporting brand and produces all kinds of fantastic sports goods. But some of us know that one of the specialties of Adidas is sports bras. At Adidas, you can find a wide range of sports bras depending on the style you are looking for.

Adidas sports bras come in 3 main variants that are,

  • Light support: For light workouts like yoga etc
  • Medium support: for activities like cycling, boxing, or weight training
  • High support: for running, HIIT, and cross-training

They have styles like the classic, simple shape with the Adidas logo and lines, some that feature slightly more design with different straps and cut-outs and finally the most popular ones right now, the mesh ones which are loved by everyone that buys.

  1. Miniso Pakistan

As we all are very well aware of the brand Miniso. Miniso is a Japanese designer brand that does it all. It is known for its best quality yet low-price products and the experience that comes with shopping from Miniso is priceless due to all the cute and handy stuff they provide us.

Miniso has emerged as the most liked brand in Pakistan from the past few years due to the variety of products they have. They introduce many variants of many different things that are very useful in our daily lives.

Like all other products, Miniso has a separate section for sports and clothing also. They carry a variety of lingerie from T-shirt bras to proper sports bras and what not. Discovering basic bras has been made very easy with stores like Miniso because you can visit their physical stores and check out what you are buying before you buy it, this takes away the first time buyers anxiety and makes it one of the top choices for women across Pakistan. For your ease, Miniso stores are open at nearly every main market of almost all across Pakistan.

  1. Mothercare Pakistan

Maternity clothing is a concept that is usually not very common in Pakistan. Along with this, there comes a shortage of nursing clothing too. There are almost no stores that accommodate new moms but Mothercare is there to fill those gaps too.

Mothercare makes a lot of varieties of nursing bras and tops for all the new mothers. You can choose between options like regular drop cups, tops that come with attached nursing bras, and regular wire-free bras to name a few.

No matter how many changes you have to deal with while adapting to life with a newborn, there is always going to be something at Mothercare that will help you be as secure as possible.

  1. Next

We are all well aware of the brand name “Next”. Next is known as one of the biggest names in the clothing industry in general. You can find factually any type of clothing in their stores. What is best about Next is that while selling all types of clothing, they never overlook the fact that you need different lingerie for all the different types of outfits that you wear.

At Next you can find a variety of lingerie that you must be looking for for a long time. This is the place to go if you are looking to buy an outfit along with the perfect lingerie for it!

Here is the list of bras that you can buy from any Next store in your city.

  • Bralettes
  • T-shirt bras
  • lacey bras
  • mesh bras
  • sports bras 
  • backless bras
  • strapless bras 
  • multiway bras. 

  1. Women’s Secret

Women’s Secret is that one brand that you can discover in almost any country. They have around 650 stores in 61 countries all across the world. They are more of an all-rounder brand when it comes to women’s wear. They make clothing, shoes, bags, and lingerie too.

It is best to get lingerie from a brand that specializes in making apparel for women is the fact that they are experts in understanding that what women really need. This is obvious by all of the different varieties that they carry.

Women’s Secret supplies almost everything like,

  • Everyday bralettes
  • T-shirt bras
  • Great quality bodysuits
  • Shapewear
  • Adhesive bras 
  • Variety of strapless bras
  • post-surgery bras for women that have gone through breast surgeries.

  1. Triumph

Triumph is a lingerie company that is based out of Switzerland but has over 2,000 stores worldwide. They sell their sets of lingerie in almost every part of the world that are either in their own stores or as a collection in other bigger stores. Making sure that no matter where you are in the world, you have access to their lingerie and yes, even in Pakistan.

Triumph makes nearly all types of lingerie but they are very widespread for their everyday T-shirt bras as they stock them in every color you can think of and have them available for sizes that are super tiny all the way to plus-sized.

Size ranges have been a big issue for women that are either on the skinnier side or the heavier size, as most brands only stock innerwear for women that are the “average” size, and that leaves behind everyone else. This is what leads many women to choose Triumph over other brands in Pakistan as well as other countries.

  1. Losha

Losha is a one-stop-shop for all of your comfort needs as a woman. They do not only make a great quality of sleep wear, but they have one of the biggest collections of lingerie and innerwear for women in Pakistan as well. You can easily find regular non-padded bras everywhere, but it is still not easy to find them in certain sizes. This leads to more and more women wearing the bras of the wrong size and that causes a lot of problems for them in the future that also includes breast cancer.

At Losha, you can find everything that you can think of having for your comfort. They have a huge collection of

  • Training Bras
  • Bralettes
  • Non-Padded Bras
  • Padded Bras
  • Nursing Bras
  • Underwire Bras
  • Wire-Free Bras 
  • High Support Sports Bras

The best part about shopping at Losha is that they stock bras that start at 32A and go all the way up to a 40J that makes them a brand that offers the widest size range in all of Pakistan.

  1. Victoria Secret

While talking about best lingerie how can one forget the name of one of the best brands that are famous for all its trendy lingerie all over the world. It has been one of the largest lingerie companies in the US. They even conduct an annual fashion show that showcases their designs for the year that features the world’s top models.

Victoria Secret is famous for bringing top quality lingerie to the average consumer. Their most popular items are their padded bras, that are named as bombshell bra, these are famous for adding up to 2 whole cup sizes, yes you heard that right.

Other than the super push up bras they even stock a wide variety of un-padded bras, wireless bras, and even comfortable bralettes and bandeau bras. IF you are looking for bras for the sizes B-DD Victoria Secret would be the best place to shop for you, as the mainstream of their collections is in these sizes.

  1. La Senza

La Senza has been in the lingerie business since the early 90s. Their specialism is that they make lingerie that looks and feels like it should be for hundreds of dollars, but you know what? It is not. Their motto is to make all the women to be able to feel confident and good about themselves. They provide the luxury experience at incredibly low prices and even then, they have several sales throughout the year that drops the prices down even further. They also have several deals where the more you buy the cheaper the items get.

La Senza sells everything from sleepwear to uniquely designed bras and bra sets. If you are not especially daring and like something simple, they have still got your back, they also sell a wide variety of simple lingerie too. You can even choose the level of push-up between 5 different levels that start at unlined and go all the way up to extreme push up.

Their online store sells each and every variety in Pakistan too, so if you are comfortable in buying products online and you know your size you must go for it.

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