Thewomenwears vs Losha vs Nightynight

You walk into a cosmetics or departmental store. There you find hidden somewhere in a corner is the entrance to a partitioned area that is made for the undergarments. It is secret and private. As if the biggest secret is hidden in there. A lot of male salesmen stare at you as you uncomfortably walk to the door and enter. Inside that area, there are two or three salesgirls only to assist you. They are awkward as you are. They swear that you either don’t know your own size or that they don’t have anything larger than a C-cup because nobody in Pakistan wears one but you know that’s not the case. If by chance you find a bra, it is fake and cheap or not worthy of all that penny. You do not want it, but you have no choice because the salesgirl has insisted you to buy one. Everyone is familiar with such experience but consider yourself lucky now because now you do not have to deal with any of these awkward experiences anymore. Here in Pakistan we now have many online lingerie shopping stores that let you choose your desired size and color by sitting at home. They assist you completely through their online chat and even through WhatsApp, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Here in this article, we will discuss three such websites that offer women's essentials have a look at the article and decide for yourself which one is the best and reasonable for you. Those websites are

What Do They Offer?

"The women wears" offer you a wide range of every kind of essentials that a woman would want. They offer you the complete range of bras, bra sets, panties, shapewear, packs, lingerie and nightwears, and last but not least bags and clutches. Yes, you heard it right, along with the women essentials they have also introduced a variety of lady’s handbags that cannot be ignored. With the wide range of colors and sizes, "the women wears" has proves to be the best online lingerie store where you can find everything and everything in no time. They guarantee you complete satisfaction and they provide you with full support unless you are fully satisfied. "the women wears" has also launched a section in which they are providing with the personal care stuff to deal with today's coronavirus. They provide the best quality masks and hand sanitizers. In this section, they are providing some skincare and hair care stuff as well. "What women wears" has proved to be the best online shop for women.

At Losha they offer a maximum variety of styles, sizes, and colors and they claim to be the biggest Lingerie providing service in Pakistan. They have all women support in their team to help you find the perfect size and material because women are more comfortable in asking such things to a woman in Pakistan so keeping that in mind it is like a woman to women communication. you can also use the feature of chat or call to get live help from their customer service that is available 24 hours of the day. Whether you have a concern with the size of the fitting they will guide you to calculate your perfect fit and recommend styles that are appropriate for your body type. Losha has something for everyone because they keep in mind women from different statuses, from some reasonable yet good in quality to some expensive and best quality undergarments what Losha does not have, you name it and they have it.

At NIGHTYnight they offer a wide range of bathrobes, bikini, body shaper, camisole, lingerie, stocking, body, and legs stockings, and what not. along with all these essentials that a woman must have they also offer and provide with many kinds of bras, bras and panty sets, bridal bra panty set, panty, and thongs. NIGHTYnight also offers all women help because it is by the woman for the women. you can chat and call to get help but also you have an option to listen to the audio clips already uploaded on the website which answers all the basic queries that you might have in mind. Whether you have the size or fit concerns you can always consult them to calculate your perfect fit and suggest styles suitable for your body type. NIGHTYnight is designed to be a woman's confidant, to believe this you must try it to believe it. They have something for everyone keeping in mind women from different class and reputations. 


“The women wears” claims that they are the best lingerie providers of Pakistan. Long ago there were not any online stores that would provide you with the best quality and customer support, but the women wears have come forward to solve all the women problems. No matter what size you wear the women wears has a variety of sizes and ranges at their online store and you can order yours by sitting at home. Many women would find it difficult to go to a physical store and ask for what they are looking for, but the online stores have made it way too easy and convenient for them. No matter what you wear but wearing a perfect bra is a must in your daily routine, perfect fit can make your shape or ruin it so here at the women wears they provide you with the complete support and guide about what you should wear. From trainers to body shapers and from wedding lingerie to all kind of night suits what is there that you would not find on their website you just name it and they have it. “The women wears” have the solution to all of your worries. “The women wears” online store has the widest range of lingerie possible available on the website, featuring everything from starter training bras to everyday t-shirt bras, cozy pajamas to that one convertible bra that can solve all your problems. . Along with these under garments and lingerie they also have some amazing variety of trendy trousers and tights.

At Losha, they claim that their first priority is the customer like all other brands also claim. You can wear anything, and everything whether it be Western clothing or Eastern clothing, a tank top or an abaya, undergarments remains the same that every woman needs to wear. Fantastic undergarments do not mean that it can be your favorite bra too. As we know that all women are different, so are there undergarments needs too. You may be a young bride who is looking for bridal nightwear or lacy beautiful lingerie sets. Or maybe you are fourteen and just growing with the passing days and age so you must be developing breasts and you are in hunt for your very first training bra to get you started and to maintain your body shape. You might have the most fantastic, fitted silk trousers to wear to a wedding function, but you have your thighs that are bulging out unpleasantly from the sides and you want a shapewear to control them from showing and making you conscious. Losha have solution to all of your concerns. Losha’s online store has the widest range of lingerie possible available on the website, featuring everything from starter training bras to everyday t-shirt bras, cozy pajamas to that one convertible bra that can solve all your problems.

NIGHTYnight is also somehow the same website that provides with the best quality of undergarments with full customer care and support from the team. NIGHTYnight is considered to be the best website for some trendy lingerie options as they have some really cool designs and color variety from which you can chose according to your taste and choice. Of you are the bride and looking for some amazing designs that perfectly matches with your outfit and also fits the perfect than this is for you. From strap less bras to self-adhesive bra that is very much trendy now a days you can find everything here. Some amazing bathrobes are also launched in this website which is the top selling thing on their website. No matter what size you are NIGHTYnight has the solution for all that bulging fat because they have a huge variety of body shapers that you must have in your wardrobe. If you are someone that likes to experiment with prints then NIGHTYnight is the perfect place for you as they have many trendy prints like leopard and zebra prints. NIGHTYnight can fulfill all your fashion and trend needs.


If the pricing is concerned, the women wears is comparatively very reasonable as compared to Losha and NIGHTYnight, You can find very good quality products at a very reasonable price and sometimes they also offer some big discounts and sales on their websites. In “the women wears” prices of bra start from as low as 499, yes you heard it right you can get a perfect size and best quality bra in just 499 rupees from their website. The process increases with the quality and type of bra. The prices of panties start from as low as 299 rupees and they also offer sets of panties that are even more convenient and reasonable than buying a single panty. The prices of the shape wears start from 799 and this is the best deal you will ever get on any website in Pakistan. The prices of every article increase with the style and fabric of the article.

At Losha the prices are slightly on the higher side than the women wears, but that does not mean that they are earning for something bad or unworthy. At Losha the bra prices start from 1200 rupees and goes higher with the change of fabric and quality so that you can choose accordingly. The price of sets of panties starts from 1800 rupees and they do not sell panties individually, but you have to buy a complete set of panties. The prices of their night suits start from 2000 rupees which is not a bad deal for a shirt and a trouser. The shape wears at Losha start from 1500 rupees and it gets higher with the type of the product.

Like “The women wears”, NIGHTYnight also has some amazing offers and sales on their website. They also offer some amazing prices that you cannot say no to. The bra prices start from 600 rupees, price of panties start from 500 rupees, and the price of body shaper start from 750 rupees.  All other stuff like camisoles, night suits, and stockings are also very reasonable on this website but we can not assure you the quality so you will have to choose accordingly.


All the basic aspects are explained in detail above when it comes to what they offer then “the women wears” clearly wins the race as they provide you with the best quality lingerie and nightwear in a vast range and variety. Not only this but “the women wears” also provide you with some personal care products that are very important to use nowadays in these days of a pandemic such as masks and hand sanitizers. They also have some amazing and trendy trousers and tights that you can pair up with some amazing dresses. Their newly launched handbags is nowadays the recent attraction for women all over the country because when they announce any sales that also apply to these bags so women can get the best out of them.

"The women wears" is the platform for women of all races and status it is not only made for the women who can afford but it is made for every woman to afford. They do provide you with the best quality products at very reasonable prices. 

"The women wears" provide you with the service of cash on delivery to make you free from all the online shopping hassle as well. Their customer care is the best of their kind they have all women assistance so that no women feel uncomfortable in buying their personal and intimate products from a seller. Your satisfaction is their aim. And they are proving their slogan "Providing happiness to women via comfortable undergarments” does complete justice to their services.

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