Beginner Women Guide to Bra's: All types of Bras

Bra is a major accessory in every girl’s wardrobe. It adds a shape to your body, giving you a perfect look. Bra is a must-have in every girl’s closet, but when you visit a market to buy a bra of your choice, you get to see a lot of variety of bras with different names creating confusion regarding which bra to buy, and which not.

Women need to know about the different kinds of bras and the additional benefits each certain type of bra provides. This will make your life a lot easier. After reading this, you will surely get to know about the bra that perfectly fits your body, and you will have a beautiful body shape according to your need and desire without any worry.


Here is a list of different bras available in the market or women accessory store. You can easily choose the bra of your desire and choice, after going through the description given for each bra.


 As the name indicates, a push-up bra is the one that pushes up the female’s breast, giving a great cleavage to the body. It is available in different sizes and provides great help to those girls who are conscious to have a deep cleavage.

So, if you are one of those girls, who spent hours standing in front of the mirror looking at her looks, this one is the right option for you.


A Push-up bra provides strong support, sometimes with the help of an underwire, to push up the breast. This gives the Ds of your breast a good shape to stand up, thereby giving the desired cleavage in between. If your normal bra size is small, you can use a padded push-up bra to give perfect shape to your body.


Pushup bra gives confidence to the girls, regarding their body shape. Thus, these are some of the most commonly used bras.

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Padded bra, as the name indicates, are those bras that come with a pad inside them.  These are the most popular bras and are available in various styles and variants. The padded bras are designed to add shape and volume to one’s breasts. Thus, an overall figure of the body can be attained with the help of the padded bras.

You can choose the right padded bra for you according to your fitness and cleavage.



Padded bras come with a base at the cups in which you can fit in your breasts. These bras usually have pads within them which are made up of silicon or rubber. Due to the presence of this pad, perfect body shape can be easily attained and you are good to go.


Padded Bras are mostly used by women who have an unsymmetrical shape of their breasts and want to give an even look to their body. Furthermore, it is the best choice for women whose breasts are sagging and they need a bra to have a firm hold on them. Padded bras are also a good choice for those girls who have sensitive breast tissue, due to which they require support. it is also of great help in cases of lost breast tissue, and when a fuller look is required.

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A t-shirt bra is a type of seamless bra with a moulded cup. A T-shirt bra is specially designed in such a way that it does not show any texture or lump through the clothing. This is why it can be used under tight t-shirts, along with wearing underneath any kind of clothing.

Some T-shirt bras come in the form of padded bras, whereas some are not. You have to look at the bra, according to your choice and need. The T-shirts bras are not necessarily be worn under t-shirt only. They can be worn under any of your clothes, but with T-shirts, they are the best choice due to their seam-free feature.


The T-shirts are made to be worn with light-weighted tops and shirts. Due to the presence of seamless cups, it looks almost invisible under clothing. Due to the presence of moulded cups, it enhances the natural figure of your body, giving the breasts a slightly more round look.

Women having all sizes of breasts can wear the T-shirt bra. This bra does not have a specific size, rather it focuses on how the bra is made. Therefore, the size of the breast does not matter while choosing this bra.


A convertible bra is a type of bra that can be used in more than one way according to your style and dressing. You can adjust any style to match your outfit. Usually, a convertible bra has got straps so that you can remove and rearrange it for wearing it with different kinds of tops. Also, it has a bra back converter. This allows you to wrap the bra band around the waist for a different look.


A convertible bra is a must accessory for females who wear kinds of tops. It adds versatility to a women’s wardrobe. These can save your money because you do not have to buy different kinds of bras for different occasions. It is a must-have for those women who are fond of travelling.  You can take it anywhere during your travel.

It works well with all body shapes and types and can be used as a regular bra. If you face trouble with the falling bra straps, this is the best option for you.


Strapless bras are the bras that come without a strap. They are the best choice for summer outfits, creating a great overall look.

WHY USE STRAPLESS BRAS:                                                         

In summers, there are plenty of outfits for which you may need strapless bras, or otherwise, straps are on display. In parties or events, if you are planning to wear a strapless suit, strapless bras are the best choice to wear under them. These bras come with all sizes and shapes and can choose any bra of your choice. Strapless bras may have silicone in it to make it stay on the breast, so if you are sensitive to silicone, you must be careful.


Balconette bras are those bras having a horizontal cup created to lift the breast upwards, just like a balcony. It lifts the breast, enhancing the body’s shape and figure. A balconette bra has got a wide set of straps and a slightly short cup. This is designed in a way to give the breasts a natural lift.


The advantage of this is that it cannot be seen even if you are wearing low cut shirts.


 Lace Bras has got different kinds of lace fabric on it. Many times, you think of wearing something fancy. Lace bras are a good choice in this regard. It adds to an out layer of most of the padded or pushup bras, making you look good beautiful

The most popular among the lace bras is the stretch lace bra.


Lace bra, specifically stretch lace bra, has got lined cups to give support and stability to the breasts. The stretch lace gives appropriate fitting and a fuller look to your body. These are preferably used to give a natural look. These are considered to be one of the most comfortable bras, and give a smooth finishing under clothes.  Lace Bras are particularly recommended for women who have unsymmetrical breast size. The slight stretch with lace accommodates that giving it a fuller look.



Bralette is a wire-free alternative of a standard bra, having a soft cup. It can be said to be a hybrid between a crop top and a bra. These are just like a common bra but are more socially acceptable to be worn in public.

Why have Bralettes:

These bralettes are back in fashion again. These are the best choice for those girls who feel uncomfortable by wearing tight bras, with wires poking out.



If you are a sports lady and you like playing games like horse riding, aerobics, squash or badminton, you need to have a sports bra in your closet.


There are two main types of sports bra. One is the bra that compresses the breast flat against your chest, and the other is the one that holds the breast like a normal bra. You can choose the bra of your choice according to your breast size. Normally girls with bigger sizes use a compression-style sports bra, while those with lesser use can use the second option.

To be comfortable during sport, it is important to find the sports bra of the right size.



Plunge bra is designed in a way that it can be worn on low cut tops and the bra is not visible.  You can wear them with any low necks, and those with wide cuts because they mostly have wide shoulder straps.


Plunge Bras also come in two types. One is with a simple plunge, and the other with the deep plunge. Deep plunge bras are specifically preferred for really deep necks. IT usually has an underwire for sport.



Stick on bras are new in the market and becoming more and more popular. Stick on bras can stick on the breast just like a sticker. Isn’t it very convenient?


They are very simple to wear. You just need to buy a stick-on bra of your size, as the bra is nothing except a cup. You just need to stick it on your breast by removing the plastic and attaching it on your body according to its shape, and you are all set to go.

These bras can be even reused after using, so you can buy these if you are conscious about the straps and want a natural look and figure of your body.


An underwired Bra, as the name indicated, is a bra that has a thin strip of any rigid material fitted inside. This can be a wire made of plastic or metal. It is designed to lift and shape the breasts to an overall figure and shape to the body. Underwired bras must not be used if you are allergic to any wire material.



Maternity Bras are the bras that the midwives, pregnant and lactating mothers wear. During pregnancy, an increase in breast size is the first change that occurs to your body.  Maternity bras are specially designed for such women, whose breast become sensitive due to pregnancy or maternal reasons. It is mostly recommended to use wire-free maternity bras as they are safe and can be used even after pregnancy.



A minimizer bra, as the name indicates, compresses your breasts against the chest giving an overall look of smaller breasts.

These bras are composed of specific sized cups that are made by non-stretchable hard material. They have wider straps and underwire set. They are specially designed to reshape the larger breasts giving them a smaller look.


If you are one of those girls, who feel uncomfortable with large breasts, this bra is a good choice for you.  It can be used for everyday outgoing, as it gives a smooth look to your body. You can wear this with even with a tight shirt and you are good to go anywhere.



Transparent strap bra is a good choice for those girls who like wearing strapless tops or are conscious about their straps becoming visible. As the name indicates, transparent strap bra comes with transparent straps, which are almost invisible. Further, it can be padded, pushup or any type. These are the most convenient bras for everyday use especially for those women who wear boat neck short or strapless shirts.


Cami bras are all women’s favourite due to the camisole material used in them. These are super comfortable, with the camisole bra attached with the straps. These bras are available in different styles and colours, so you can get a comfortable Cami bra of your choice from any retailer.



Longline bras are the ones that have a longer band than the rest of the bras. These are the most convenient amongst all bras. Longline bras provide enhanced support due to the presence of a long band at the end. This grips the body perfectly, by providing a lot of support. A long line bra is an ultimate solution for those women who otherwise show up a back bulge with other bras. This makes your body look perfect without any bulge and gives it a perfect shape.


Cage bras are those bras that have decorative straps and can be used of normal wearing as well, along with wearing under clothes. They are mostly worn with unbuttoned shirts for styling and fashion. You can find cage bras in all sizes and colours. If you are looking for wearing a bra to wear with unbuttoned shirts and tops, this is the right option for you.


Thus, whenever you go for bra shopping, choose the bra wisely according to your body shape and requirement. A perfect bra means a happy and confident girl. Happy shopping!


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